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In the book Lord of the Flies there are two boy who try and fight for the role as chief one who is voted into power and another who pushes others into accepting him as their leader. Ralph the chief who is intent on being rescued and Jack the boy who believes that he is a strong warrior that can face anything. As the story goes along, both boys face trying times that show that almost anyone can become savage when abandoned by society. The two boys show strengths and weakness throughout the story, showing you that everyone when put in a situation can be a leader, whether it be good or bad.
Ralph and Jack both have two very different ways of looking at the situation of being stranded on an island. Jack at first think that they need rule saying
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Jack rushes into things and is a harsher ruler, but in the beginning of the book when we first meet Jack he seems well thought out and put together. Jack personality changes throughout the book as we see him go from a good english schoolboy to the savage hunter who thirst for the kill. When we first meet Ralph he is a lot kinder to Piggy, then most the other boys. Ralph is the boy who really want to be rescued, and suggested that they build a fire so that passing ships can see them. The boy's desice that they should build the fire up on the high mountain, Jack and his choir volunteers to take care of it and make sure that it always lit. Jack on the other hand only cares about getting his meat; when Jack learns that there are pigs on the island he becomes more excited and start to form a hunt. While Jack is of hunting, a ship passes by and Ralph see it, but sadly the fire is out because Jack and his choir were out hunting. This cause a fight between Jack and Ralph due to Jack thinking that it was fine because he got meat. Jack and Ralph are motivated by different things, Ralph is so focused on the fire and being rescued, while Jack is more focused on having fun and enjoying his time on the island that they tend to clash and disagree on way to go about
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