Jack Lord Of The Flies Symbolism Essay

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In my project, I depicted the symbolism of Jack and the pig in William Golding’s Lord Of The Flies. In the beginning, Jack names himself a hunter; this illustrates the savage side of human nature. As the novel continues, and the desire to hunt and kill increases, and Jack finds himself not only a hunter but also feeling like he is being hunted. This change represents how fear overpowers hope and fuels the dominance of savagery. In the end of the novel, Jack turns from hunting pigs to hunting Ralph. This futile pursuit exemplifies the double-sided spear of the id. Overall, the change in Jack’s character shows the never ending spiral of violence. In the beginning of the novel, Jack’s only goal is to hunt and kill a pig. He is “the most obvious leader”, and thrives on the need for violence(16). Jack states that he “ought to be chief”, just like the id believes it must be in control (16). The id, as represented through Jack, needs violence to survive and see itself as superior. The defectiveness of human nature and the desire to hurt is overpowering and Jack represents this darkness in humans. Further in the novel, Jack feels as if he’s “not hunting, but-being hunted, as if something’s behind” him(40).…show more content…
This theme is demonstrated through Jack and his desire to hunt and kill in William Golding’s Lord Of The Flies. In my project I used canvas and acrylic paint to depict Jack and the pig. The “stick sharpened at both ends” is broken in half (139). One side is through the pig’s head, as Jack has left it when he killed the sow. However, the other half is through Jack’s head. The pig artistically depicts what Jack sees and feels. The pig is strength, violence, and savagery. On the other hand, Jack depicts reality. In killing the pig, Jack killed himself, and, symbolically, in killing fear, fear kills you. This change, throughout the novel, represents the feedback loop of fear and violence in the
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