Jack Lummus: A True Military Hero

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Andrew Jackson Lummus Jr. was one of only two NFL players to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor. Known as Jack, he was a talented, young end for the New York Giants. He was more than just a great end, though. He was a military 1st Lieutenant and a hero for our country. He left being an end with an inspiring future to help our country win one of the most savage battles in U.S. history, Iwo Jima. In this battle in Japan, Jack Lummus led his troops like a great leader. He sacrificed his life for his family, his friends, and his country. Jack Lummus was such a great, courageous person because he was an astounding athlete, had an excellent military career, and died fighting for his country. Besides being a great military hero, Jack Lummus was an outstanding athlete. He attended Ennis High School, but he was forced to leave due to a bad illness. Later on, he finished his high school education at Texas Military College. At both schools, Jack Lummus was stand-out performer in his sports. He played football and baseball. He was such a great athlete that he received two similar Division One scholarships at Tulane and Baylor. His…show more content…
He started his professional years in 1941. He signed to play for the Wichita Falls Spudders, a farm team for the Cincinnati Reds. For this team of the Western Texas-New Mexico League, Jack Lummus played outfield in 26 games. He wasn’t a great fielder, but his hitting made up for it. He batted .247 with three triples and six doubles in 26 overall hits. After playing a little ball in Texas, he signed to play professional football. In the fall of 1941, he signed to play with the New York Giants. The 6’3, 200 pound backup end played in nine games. Sadly, Lummus was only credited with one catch for five yards. Although Jack Lummus was a great football player, he knew that his country needed him, so he decided to leave the NFL to join the
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