Jack Ma's Decision Making Of Alibaba Case Study

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MAI KEQI RMIT ID: S3504676 Introduction Decision making is a process that happens on everybody on an everyday basis. It can be as small as what does a person eat for breakfast, and can be as big as whether a country engages a war to another country. A decision is being made upon several different concerns (IL Janis, 1977). This essay is going to demonstrate four examples of decision making processes, two organizational and two personal. And we can have the brief idea about how to make a proper decision. Individual Decision Making Behaviours Case 1 Jack Ma 's decision making of Alibaba 's delist Alibaba Group is a Chinese e-commerce internet portal including various websites, such as Alibaba, Taobao, Tmall and so on. It is world 's largest B2B, B2C and C2C services supplier by revenues (J Guo, 2006). Jack Ma founded Alibaba in 1999, and made it listed in Hong Kong market in 2007. But in 2012, Jack Ma made a decision, the Alibaba Group, which help 73.12% shares will buy the remaining 26.88% from market, and delist from Hong Kong market, make the group become privately. There are some reasons behind Jack Ma 's decision: MAI KEQI RMIT ID: S3504676 Jack Ma 's ideal partnership structure is not allowed in Hong Kong Jack Ma wants to have a new partnership structure in Alibaba, he believes this new partnership structure is better for Alibaba 's management. His ideal structure is he and his 27 partners have the rights to nominate the majority of directors on board (The Wall

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