Jack Merridew Guilty In Lord Of The Flies

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Jury’s Verdict
Society must fight against those who rip society apart by breaking laws and acting unethically. Citizens must make the right decisions in order to maintain a healthy community for many years to come. As jury for the trial of Jack Merridew, we have concluded Jack Merridew to be guilty, for he is responsible for the deaths of Simon and Piggy. When deciding an accused person’s fate, there should be no bias involved, since members of the jury have to look at the case from multiple points of view. The factors that suggested Jack Merridew’s guilt include why he and his tribe had not used traps rather than spears, his attempt to murder Ralph, and how the leader should be the one responsible for a group's actions. When the prosecution called Jack Merridew up to the stand, they threw a myriad of questions for him to respond to. One of these questions asked Jack why he had provided spears to all of the members of his tribe instead of creating traps. At that time, Jack could not come up with a response; the information suggested he desired to kill. Afterwards, the defense brought Roger up to the stands, and one of their arguments supporting Roger was that the tribe had a boulder trap to “protect” them from the monster, not to kill Piggy. The defense’s …show more content…

When Freud, the psychologist, was questioned, he mentioned that savagery was something based on impulses, which are what you desire, whereas evil was trying to harm those who were innocent for amusement. He also assigned the characters to the personality traits of ego, superego, and id. Jack Merridew was classified as the id in the novel. From Freud's standpoint, Jack Merridew was seen as evil, since he caused chaos in the group. The cross examinations from the prosecution side confirmed why the jury should side with “guilty”, which decided the final

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