Jack Merridew In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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A symbol, a word by definition means, a material object representing something immaterial. The character Jack Merridew, in Lord of The Flies symbolizes chaos, insanity, and ego. In Lord of The Flies Jack Merridew symbolizes chaos by demanding, “’ We want meat’” (51). All throughout the beginning of the novel while the others are trying to prepare camp before nightfall. Merridew is the one character who tends to make it harder for the rest of the characters in the novel. Jack never can agree with the entire group, unless in consists with hunting or being in power, which this says a lot about his personality. In the novel Jack ends up letting the fire out. Infuriating Ralph because he seen a ship off the horizon going a different direction. The ship did not see the smoke to rescue the boys from the island because Jack was more worried about hunting a pig instead of maintaining the fire while the others worked on other things for the camp. Another example of symbolism is Jack’s…show more content…
Jack has a huge ego in this novel. However, I do feel that Jacks ego is what helps him to survive on the island differently than the others, instead of trying to get his hopes up of being saved, he focuses strictly on what any normal human being would do and that is to survive. Though only thinking of himself during his stay with others on the island does not help him to survive and better. Also, Jack has a masculine, brave, and strong personality. Jack’s ego can get in the way sometimes. In the novel Ralph had noticed a ship off the horizon; however, the ship was going the opposite direction and Ralph had no idea why. Jack had let the fire die down because he thought him and his boys hunting was more important. Jack replies to Ralph, “’ The fire’s only been out an hour or two. We can light up again-‘” (70). What Jack doesn’t know though is with him only caring what he wants to do it cost everyone else from being
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