Jack Prelutsky's Eventful Life

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Jack Prelutsky led an eventful life that yielded many awards. With some help, he discovered that he was musically talented as well as poetically talented. He was born on Sep. 8, 1940, and has lived on to today. He married his wife, Carolynn in 1979, and lives in Seattle. Prelutsky was born in Brooklyn, but when he was a baby, there was a fire in his apartment! He was rescued by his Uncle Charlie from the fire. He hated school, and was bored by it. He even hated poetry when he was younger! He went to Hunter College and flunked English three times. Afterwards, he worked strange jobs including a potter, cab driver, and singing in coffeehouses. He met Bob Dylan while he was singing, and even Dylan was impressed. In his free time, a hobby he
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