Jack Rebney Speech

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Well, do you? Jack Rebney is remembered for his outtakes. Jack is known as the world’s angriest RV salesman. Most people have seen his infamous outtakes. As the story goes Jack is making a promotional video in Iowa. As the temperatures rise and the flies come Jack slowly spirals down a rabbit hole of madness and frustration. So the making of the video turns into two weeks of hell. Jack is very ornery and incensed with the sweltering heat and the numerous flies. The crew feels justified in continuing to film when Jack is unaware and most vulnerable. In the outtakes Jack is often seen cursing, throwing his hands up in frustration and generally making a fool of himself. Here’s an example of his buffoonery. We find Jack standing by the side…show more content…
I laughed at his misery and frustration, too. However, that does not make it okay. Jack is a human being, too. He has feelings, ideas, fears, and dreams just like me and you. Jack can come off as crotchety and moronic but in reality he has a sharp wit and an even sharper tongue. Jack is very opinionated. One of his favorite things to talk about is politics. He states in one of the outtakes of Winnebago Man, “If George Bush, Carl Rumsfeld, and Dick Chaney got hot pokers rammed up their asses. I would be delighted” (Winnebago Man). Jack is very colorful and says what is on his mind. To be quite honest, I find him genuine and refreshing. Maybe that is why he has such a huge following, because he speaks his mind. Unlike those of us who act like sheep. We do as we are told and never question our shepherds. People like Jack because he is extremely blunt about everything. How many of us would like to tell our boss to kiss our collective asses or take this job and shove it! Unfortunately we stop short in fear of the repercussions. If only we could all be a little more like Jack and not give a damn. Even though Jack voiced his uncensored thoughts he did suffer the consequences of his actions. Winnebago fired him a month later and would not discuss Jack and his dismissal from the
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