Jack Russel Terrier Research Paper

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Along with their charming and playful temperament, Jack Russell 's are one of a kind in intelligence and very funny and amazing to be around. They are an alert little breed all their own with their crimped ears and wagging tail that rotates back and forth in an excess speed of a vehicle windshield wiper on set on high. They are fast, brave, feisty, and consider themselves to be bigger than a Great Dane and twice as meaner than a Rottweiler. They are fearless to a fault and cannot be stopped the changing of the weather. Once a Jack Russell Terrier sets his mind to task, there is no way to stop the big dog in the little dog 's body from accomplishing his goal because, after all, he is no couch potato. The adventures to be had rolling around in the crispy green…show more content…
Life in our house can be compared to a demolition derby with no brakes on or the energizer bunny when the fun keeps going on and on and on. What you see is what you get, a cuddly smooth coat or a wiry and furry ruff coat little terrier who will be devoted to his master until the end of his days. They are people loving dogs who are not content to live solely with another dog as a companion. They adore feeling the warmth of a hand gently stroking their coast and they will gladly sit still for a prolonged and heavenly massage every day. The only thing better than one Jack Russell is two, three, or four which more than doubles the entertainment full of nonstop action of innumerable proportion. A day in the life of a Jack Russell is one made up of long lasting and precious memories. They are at their happiest when rolling around on their backs wiggling and smiling looking up at the white puffy clouds in the sky. Their excitement and spontaneity makes them the jolly jester of the family and can incite hysterical outbursts of laughter that so fills the room that it echoes throughout the whole house. While sharing one 's life with a Jack Russell Terrier can be a challenge, the rewards far

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