Jack Sorrow The Coming Storm Summary

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Jack Sparrow The Coming Storm is about a boy named Jack. Jack was a pirate himself and a teenager. In the book they have lots of adventures and I’m going to tell you some of them. In the begining of the book the only thing Jack really wants to do is find the sword of Cortes. So he tries. The sword has the most power ever and you can do practically anything with it. On his way he runs into a girl named Arabella and Jack tells her that he is going to try to find the sword of cortes. Arabella was shocked. She could not believe he was going to do that. Since Arabella knew that that was really dangerous she asked him if she could go with her since she was a pirate herself. Jack didn’t want to be caught dead with a girl, but he tought he might need help. …show more content…

His name was Fitzwilliam or Fitz for short. He was dressed up all nice with new clothing and very expensive materials. Their ship was the “Buccaneer.” When they were of and ready to sail they started their long journey. In the middle of sailing there there was a terrible storm and they almost got blown away! When they were tired enough they almost gave up but then they saw and island. They were very exited to see that when they got to the island they found two people, they were bays and they were nice. Their names were Tuman and Jean. Jack thought he would never find the Sword of Cortes. He asked Jean and Tumen and Jack expected the answer of a island very far away from were they were. Then they said this is the island. Jack could not believe what he had said. In a couple of days they went to go look for the Sword of Cortes. They found a lot of skulls and weird clues leading to the sword. They found a key along the way and brought it with them thinking it was important. When they came to a hallow place under the King’s bed the king had ruled a long time

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