Jack Thayer: The Breakdown Of The Titanic

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The Titanic's maiden voyage was one that killed thousands, one that it didn't kill was Jack Thayer. Jack and all of the other passengers were caught by surprise when the Titanic hit an iceberg and they were told that the unsinkable Titanic was going down. Jack jumped off the boat and found a overturned lifeboat. He was eventually reunited with his mother, but his father was one of the many that died with the Titanic. Jack was lucky to have survived, for only about 705 did.
The Titanic’s famous crash had many different effects on the people that were part of the tragedy. One person it affected was Jack Thayer, “As for Jack himself, he never seemed able to regain the feeling of confidence and excitement he’d felt as he stood on the Titanic’s deck that April night,”. Another was Bruce Ismay, “Ismay never recovered from the shame.”. Those who lost loved ones were known as “Grief-stricken survivors,” after the tragedy. As you can see, the titanic’s crash had different effects on different people.
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For Jack, when he was thrown under the water, “He barely made it back up.” He must have tried really hard to get back up. Another time that someone showed perseverance was when Jack’s father was waiting for Jack on the boat, and died looking for him, Jack said, “ I knew that he would never have left without me,” Even though his father knew he might die, he looked for his son and would stay on the boat no matter what. Another moment that required perseverance was when Jack was on the lifeboat and “Freezing waves washed over them.” Even though they were freezing, they stayed on the boat and patiently waited. These are just two of the people whose lives depended on the amount of perseverance they were willing to
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