Jack The Ripper: A Literary Analysis

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The question we all ask ourselves is, Why did Jack the ripper only kill woman? Well, according to Cornwell's theory, Walter Sickert went through rough times when he was a kid. He had to go through a series of painful operations for a fistula of the penis. All of this had scarred him for life and emotionally left him with a hatred towards women. What he went through as a kid can link to the reasons why Jack the ripper had such an obsession with killing woman who were prostitutes.
Most people also believe that Ripper killed more than five woman, but these murders are not known and proven like the five that were found. Cornwell believes this too, she believes Ripper killed four times that number of women in total being about twenty bodies. Cornwell
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She claims that in 2013 she had evidence that “the artist’s family doctor was Sir William Gull, Queen Victoria’s physician, who was rumoured to have been given the task of helping rid the city of prostitutes”. (Richardson) This is definitely something useful that could be used against Sickert. If he really did have connections with the royal family it encounters him more as a primary suspect of Jack the ripper. If Queen Victoria’s physician was helping get the city rid of prostitutes he could have been Rippers partner as well.
Mrs. Conwell did only find two strong pieces of evidence which were the DNA on the letters and watermarks, but that was a weak piece of evidence since it could have meant many things. Many people believe that he isn't the murder because he was never around when the murders were being prosecuted. Around the same time the murders were taking place Sickert would leave to France with his mother and his brothers. I believe that Ripper had an ally or partner to help him with all of these murders as well. Maybe it was a revengeful hatred towards woman between two men and not just

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