Jack The Ripper Analysis

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(Pan the camera around to get an eye-level long shot of the view of the sky and the buildings. Sound: instrumental music play along in low volume.) (Continue panning then finally notice Shannon reading the novel in her hand, and focus the picture with Shannon, with the book in her hand, look at the camera. Then Shannon starts to speak Sound: instrumental music play along in low volume and the music fades out when the actress starts to speak.) Discuss the intrigue of mysteries and why people are attracted to them. Relate this to the infamous Jack the Ripper. Many people are fascinated with him because he was never found and mutilated his victims until they could not be recognized. The uncertainty attached to this case allowed people 's imagination to come to life. During this time period there were no fancy devices to test DNA or autopsies to show the cause of death - it was up to the detectives to follow the clues and come to the best conclusion they could with the information they had found and had been given. Many times detectives had to make due with what clues they could find, even if it led them on a wild goose chase until they found their criminal. Like Hound of the Baskervilles, Sherlock Holmes and Watson were not able to depend on technology, but instead had to follow each clue and lead they found along the way. This allowed the readers ' imagination to come to life along the way. (Shannon closes the book and the camera fades out to make the pictures blur. ) (Start
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