Jack The Ripper Compare And Contrast

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The night of September 30, 1988, the serial killer known as Jack the Ripper committed not one, but two murders. These two stand out among the other five for both their intensity and the impossible time frame that their murders were achieved in. At one a.m. Elizabeth Strider was found dead, then not an hour later and not more than a mile away, Catherine Eddowes body was discovered as well (Whitechapel Jack, The Double Event) Catherine Eddowes and Elizabeth Stride were not friends, they did not know each other and they didn’t even frequent the same alleyways. However, they shared three similarities quite a few of the inhabitants of Whitechapel knew so well. They were prostitutes, they were drunks, and they were very, very poor (Rumbelow, 1-31). Like others in their situation, if they had died in a less horrific manner or maybe hid a little better, their names would have been long forgotten and their last days never recorded. Catherine Eddowes was intoxicated by 8 p.m. on September 29th, where she was surrounded by a group of onlookers that had alerted the authorities.…show more content…
Jack the Ripper was able to kill two women within the span of an hour without being caught in the act. Jack had been seen, but not caught in the process of murdering these two women. Unless it was a shadow that the stewards pony had shied away from unless the reason why Jack the Ripper killed two women in the same night was because he was interrupted. At 12:45 am Elizabeth Stride was alive, by 1:00 am she was dead. At 1:35 am Catherine Eddowes was seen talking to a man that matched the description of the man that was seen talking to Elizabeth Stride. At 1:45 am Eddowes body was found in Mitre Square. Jack the Ripper had roughly ten minutes to complete each murder, and while this feet is not impossible the differences between the wounds inflicted on the bodies of the two women does raise some questions as to whether the murders were committed by the same

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