Jack The Ripper: Murders In London In The 1800's

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This topic is about a numerous murders that occurred during the 1800’s in London, England in a neighborhood that was known as Whitechapel. The infamous killer nickname was “Jack the Ripper”, he was a man that killed prostitutes, usually their age was around 40. Now there is a great deal of people saying who Jack the Ripper was but none of them fit. After almost two hundred years of searching they found DNA, as a result of who the suspect may be. One theory suggested that Jack the Ripper was a man that goes by the name of James Kelly, the other theory suggested that Aaron Kosminski was also Jack the Ripper. Both theories sound very dreadful and fits well enough to be Jack The Ripper. Jack the Ripper was an infamous killer in London during the 1800’s. James Kelly, prospect of Jack the Ripper had a handful of troubles growing up as a kid. He had never had a father figure as a child, this has probably caused stress to Kelly. Later on his childhood his mother abandoned him and left him alone by himself. When he was a grown up he saw the woman of his life and wanted to marry her. As they were married he found out that his wife was a prostitute and cheated on him a couple of times, as having the anger as …show more content…

The date of this mail occuring was September 25th. The letter was basically boosting saying how he will never get caught, also saying how he will cut a prostitute ear of and sending it to the police station as a trophy (P.112). On September 30th there was killing that occurred, caused by Jack the Ripper, killing a prostitute (P.112). Sixteen days later he sent the police station a letter (P.112). He kept his promise and slicing a prostitute ear off and sending it to the police station (P.112). His final Murder occurred on November 9th, He killed a Women by the name of Kelly, Mary Jane. Her body was found on the bed Terribly graphic by cutting all of her body part apart. She was slashed and

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