Jack The Ripper Persuasive Essay

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During the 1800’s someone began destroying the innocent lives of others. Slashing throats, deforming faces, and keeping ahold of body parts became a horrifying time for many. The ghastly age alternated into dreadful myths that has stuck for a whole generation. The rumors and stories about the tragedies kept everyone in their residence and people did not want to leave. The mystery of not knowing who the murderer was made the city of Whitechapel a very frightening and menacing place to live. The fact that there were multiple murders at the same time period and the assassin maybe out for more living souls made the situation into a more deep and darker era.. Jack the Ripper was a brilliant mass murderer, the connections to the victims, not knowing …show more content…

Jack would first lure his women by paying them to have sex with him. Much of the deaths occurred in the dark, secluded streets at night. He would then slice their throats, and stab the women rapidly until they bled to death. The women would then get brutally mutilated, having body parts departed and put to unusual places. A six- inch knife was used on most of the operations for the mutilating and disfiguring bodies. “The extent of this hatred was beyond limits and this is the reason why he distorted their faces in an effort to destroy their identities”, …show more content…

Prince Albert Victor Christian Edward, had known to be a “ladies man”. The Prince had frequent altercations having many scandals around the palace. The Prince was later diagnosed with syphilis, a disease that was contract by an infection in sexual intercourse. Jack the Ripper many have also been a “Jill the Ripper”, a female murderer that killed multiple female prostitutes. Mary Pearcey being women may have given Pearcey an easier access to women. She was later convicted and hanged for murdering her mother’s lover’s wife and child in a similar way to the Ripper

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