Jack The Ripper: The First Serial Killer

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Register to read the introduction…Some have said there is a sort of pleasure in killing but after there is a cooling off period for several days, weeks, or months. It differs for killers in choosing their victims. Like age, gender, or race. I will go into the mind of a serial killer to see how it works and figure out what sets them into uncontrollable rage. It has said that the first serial killer was Jack the Ripper. Killed five prostitutes and maybe more in London in 1888. H. H. Holmes was the first serial killer in America, he was responsible for 27 death of victims and the weird thing is that he killed the victims in his own hotel in Chicago. In the beginning of 1890s, France, The French Ripper, Joseph Vacher killed 11 women and children. Vacher also was executed in 1898 after confessing. Everyone have seen the movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, in the 20th century Ed Gein was inspired from the movie. Gein grew up on a farm with a religious mom that was against premarital sex. His parents died and Gein tried to remove his penis because he wanted to become a female. In 1954, Gein killed his first victim. Then his second kill happen in 1957 and police noticed something different about him. The officers went to the house of Gein and found bodies on the property. Took Gein into custody and then put him in a mental institution for years until he seen fit for trail. Gein was found not…show more content…
Studies have shown that the motivations of a serial killer are fear of rejection, trying to be powerful, sexual or emotional. Henry Lee Lucas was an American serial killer. Lucas had hundreds of unsolved murders and was convicted of eleven of murders. Lucas was arrested in Texas, and died in Florida. In an interview he explained “I hated all my life. I hated everyone. When I grew up and can remember…. And I got treated like the dog of the family. I was beaten. I was made to do things that no human bein’ would want to do”. It’s difficult to grow up in an abusive environment, it can impair the child’s self-esteem; it affects them by not having a normal life. One of the causes of serial killer’s experience as children is being abused or neglect. Robert Ressler and Tom Shachtman interview dozens of killers and founded that there was a similar pattern of severe childhood neglect. It’s important in the child’s development process to let them know about trust, empathy and how to interact with human beings. And if not teaching them basic rules growing up it will be impossible later in

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