Jack The Ripper Thesis

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Jack the Ripper was a notorious killer, although he was killing carelessly, he was never caught. Also, he is credited with being one of the sickest killers of all time due to the way he completes his rituals Jack the Ripper killed five women between August 31, 1888 and November 19, 1888. They were murdered in Whitechapel and Spitalfields in the East End areas of London, England. Jack the Ripper was never caught, which leaves us thinking what kind of motives did he have for committing these awful crimes. No other killer in the British history was as gruesome and as bad as Jack the Ripper; a murderer whose arrogance and boldness would’ve got him caught, but instead defied the entire police department of London and had the city in terror for as…show more content…
Jack wrote as the cops were looking for him, “Dont mind me giving the trade name. Wasnt good enough to post this before I got all the red ink off my hands curse it No luck yet. They say I’m a doctor now. ha ha” (Letters From the Ripper). Jack the Ripper who was thought at one point to be Prince Albert; the duke of Clarence who killed five women who were spread out between the East Ends of London and also to terrorize the city by lurking in the shadows. Mary Ann Nichols was the first of his victims, according to Ripperologists (The Whitechapel Murder Victims). A patrolling officer found her body on the streets at 3:15 a.m. on August 31st, 1888 (Rosinsky p.15). The murderer had slashed her throat twice, and her abdomen had been cut in a horrendous way exposing the intestines. Her vaginal area had also been mutilated and had several missing teeth. According to her father, “Mary had a drinking problem and spent most of her life making her earnings by engaging in sexual activity for payment” (Casebook Mary Ann Nichols). The second murder was Annie Chapman a homeless prostitute who was also killed by Jack the Ripper.…show more content…
No one has ever seen the Whitechapel murderer. Many homicidal maniacs were suspected, but no proof could be thrown at anyone. Prince Albert Victor Christian Edward, the Duke of Clarence, who was the main suspect. He was the grandson of Queen Victoria born in 1864. The first idea that he was a suspect came in 1970 when Dr. Thomas Stowell published an article accusing him of being Jack the Ripper, basing his theory upon some papers of Sir William Gull, the physician of Queen Victoria. Stowell claimed that Gull was a doctor and was treating the prince for syphilis. The disease supposedly caused the prince to go insane and commit the Whitechapel murders. The killings, which Stowell claimed were committed by the Prince, were to be in revenge for contracting syphilis during sexual activities. The murders started, according to Stowell, as Prince Albert’s infected brain started to deteriorate. None of this can be proven since Stowell died shortly after publishing his theories and burned his papers. One important factor is that royal records show that Eddy which was the nickname for the prince was not anywhere close to London when the most important murder deaths occurred. Also, Eddy who was not considered to be a very intelligent man did not have the medical knowledge to be a Ripper suspect. Many others were thought to be Jack the Ripper which included Joseph Barnett, a man in
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