Jack Vs Ralph

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Being authoritative and clever when situated in a life and death scenario is the characteristics an effective leader must possess. However, if we were to compare the differences in Jack’s and Ralph’s rule, it’ll be two completely distinct approaches. First of all, Ralph governs the group with a set of laws, such as the rule to maintain a constant fire signal. However, when people oppose Ralph, he doesn’t seem to punish them, but rather he does nothing. During the beastie assembly, after the outbreak of the crowd’s disobedience, Piggy told Ralph to blow the conch, but in response, he said, “ If I blow the conch and they don’t come back; then we’ve had it…”(pg92). Ralph is too dependent on the shell, and also too concentrated to work. He needs…show more content…
Jack exhibits this type of command, because under his conditions, he certainly enjoys being a savage. In the aftermath of Simon’s death, Jack displays that he uses terror to manipulate others when he said, “-and then, the beast might try to come in. You remember how he crawled-”(pg160) to one of his hunters that asked why they should defend the gate. Not only does Merridew uses the beast as his advantage, he has also shown that he’s willing to eliminate anyone who interferes with his path, even if it means crossing the line. When Ralph screamed at Jack that he’s chief, Meridew in response, charged at the original leader as if he was bloodlusted. “Viciously, with full intention, he hurled his spear at Ralph..tore the skin and flesh…”(pg181). This quote not only defines the brute force of Merridew, it would also explain why the other children are afraid of Jack, Looking at this in a perspective of a hunter, if anyone were to resist him( he already shown that he has the guts to kill), Jack will just punish you mentality and physically to convert you to his side, or even murder you if you don’t. With that being said, that’s why Jack is never suited of becoming an effective leader, because he doesn’t use democracy, but rather dictatorship(just like Kim Jong
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