Jack Welch's Case Study: Implementing Organizational Change

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After analyzing the case, I can confidently say that Jack Welch mostly succeeded in incorporating organizational change within the GE for positive growth. He focused on reorganization of the existing organizational structure by incorporating most of the dimensions of organizational capacity to change throughout the company. His primary concern was to ensure that each business unit under the GE umbrella was one of the best in its field and concentrated on acquiring new businesses.

Under his guidance, the company expanded intensely. He encouraged the culture of innovation and learning and made rigorous reduction in Hierarchical organizational levels, enabling the company to operate as a lean business, which in turn reduced the operational costs
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Although he positively covered most of the aspects of organizational change, I believe his decision of non-involvement of his midmanagement in the formation and implementation of any strategic plans or his actions towards getting rid of them altogether was not a strong and smart move for the changing culture adaptation. Moreover, his vigorous and fast pace of introduction and implementation of change along with his rate of employee dismissal and an all time perfect performance expectation put extreme pressure on his employees and Cost him his followers' trust.

Conclusively, Jack Welch's leadership has vividly impacted GE and the business world as he empowered his individual employees to lead in their own capability contributing to the value system of the company. His urge to become most efficient company along with his tactical skills helped him impeccably shape the internal as well as external structures of the company. His method of optimum utilization of resources by downsizing the unnecessary sectors and manpower, reduction of bureaucracy, implementation of a bottom to top approach resulted to more expedient processes, and effective

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