Jack Worthing Character Analysis

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Jack Worthing is one of the main characters of this story he is a respectable man in his community who has custody of Cecily Cardew, the granddaughter of Thomas Cardew the man who adopted Jack when he was a baby. Jack has a secret that no one knows of his scandalous brother Earnest whom he is constantly going to rescue doesn 't exist, it is just ad excuse for him to get away from his responsibilities. Jack is in love with Gwendolen Fairfax the cousin of his best friend Algernon Moncrieff. Along with Jack Algernon has a secret as well he doesn 't really have a friend named Bundury who is very sick that he goes to visit. The first act starts with Algernon receiving an unexpected visit from Jack where he learns that Jack plans to marry his cousin Gwendolen. Algernon has found out about Jack 's secret identity and confronts him,…show more content…
So to please Cecily Algernon goes off in seach of the Local rector to have get christned under the name Earnest. Unbeknowst to Jack Gwendolyn has dropped by for a surprise viisit and meets Cecily in the garden the two women do not realize who the other is and begin to talk. Gwendolyn finds out that Cecily is "Mr. Worthing 's ward" and tells Cecily that she had never eard of her nor did Earnest mention having an ward. To which Cecily replies that she is not the ward of Earnest she is the ward of Jack and is engaged to Earnest. Shocked to hear this news Gwendolyn says that is imposible because she is engageed to Earnest, the scene end with the two women arguing while Jack and Algernon walk in on the fight and are both forced to come clean after learning the truth the women storm out the garden. Act three is in the drawing room where Cecily and Gwendolyn have gone into. Jack and Algernon walk in and are accosted by the two women again they are able to calm them down with the answers they gave but the women are still confused over the name Earnest. Both couuples decide to forgive and forget and happily embrace as Lady
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