Jacke Kennedy: The Causes Of The French Revolution

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In 1966 I had a crush on my seventh grade teacher, Ms. Nail. She taught history and geography. She was in her early to mid twenties at the time, slim and attractive, I thought she was likely Jacke Kennedy 's sister - that is my memory anyway. I was not one of her better students, I was too infatuated to pay attention to assignments. Wherever she walked in the classroom I sat there staring at her every move like a manniquin. I couldn 't focus on her homework assignments – and she was not hesitant to call me out for not completing them on time- but it was the attention I was desiring, albeit negative, it was better than nothing at all. While she was explaining the causes of the French Revolution I would be off in another worlds fantasizing that the two of us were traveling to the Eiffel tower. As she was teaching us about the Russian Revolution she would be my…show more content…
Just as the execution of the solider was about to take place Ms. Nail stopped the reel and gave us an assignment. All of us were write how we thought the story should end. A perfect opportunity for me to show my true feelings! I wrote that the soldier was dreaming about his true love and the fact he could not have her was akin to dying, for him to live without her was just like death. I got an A on the report – the only A I ever received in her class, with the exception for a report on the country of Italy After the year was over I never saw Ms. Nail again. I started 8th grade, entered high school the following year and moved on through college, really not thinking of her much. One night a few weeks ago I was watching an old rerun of “The Twilight Zone.” “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” was showing again. 50 years later it still has an effect on me, the ending is quite violent and sudden. Perhaps some of the feelings that come up watching this movie then and now, at least for me, symbolized a changing from innocence to hard reality of adulthood-who knows. Ms. Nail, wherever she may be,

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