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GOOD WIFE KALINDA SHARMA (ARCHIE PANJABI) JACKET Good Wife Kalinda Sharma (Archie Panjabi) Jacket is an attractive and very elegant jacket which must be carried in all instances no matter what. This jacket despite of being highly stylish at the same time is very sophisticated as well. This jacket has been made out of the best quality leather material genuine enough and with this the jacket features a black color. The blend of black color and leather finish makes it an attractive glossy appeal. The jacket has a front zip closure and two side pockets. Whereas the collars of this jacket are standing ones making the entire outlook an uplifted one. The jacket has been an ideal choice to be carried on all occasions without giving a second thought.…show more content…
Since this jacket has an association with the celebrity it has to be different from what normal jackets look like. The jacket has been made out of premium quality material and the choice of genuine leather and suede leather is given to the people demanding this jacket. It has been made in a chocolate brown color and has velvety patches almost everywhere to give it an everlasting and elegant design. It may also be made in black color for the lovers of black. However, the jacket has on the front open layout which is gathered with the belt. The layout of the front open has beads throughout from start till the end. The edges of this jacket are also finished with the satin or velvet…show more content…
It offers the best quality premium leather material which has been made in an olive green color. As like vests, this vest costume is also sleeveless and features the short length with similar vest layout. The front closure of this vest costume is featured with a zip closure whereas the bent down collars make it an attractive outlook. The vest may be carried at all occasions no matter what since it has been made with intricate stitching. Moreover is very elegant to be carried on all occasions without any hassle. The vest is a perfect choice for all professional ladies looking for a light coverage in

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