Jackie Chan Case Study

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Facts about Jackie Chan are known to even a small kid interested in martial art movies.He is respected all over the world for his expertise in Kung Fu. He has made a special place in our hearts with his dangerous stunts and comedic stunts. Many actors may come in the future but none can take his place in the industry. Here are 15 facts about this humble man who touched the pinnacle of success.

1. Jackie Chan 's mother was an opium smuggler and his father was a spy.

Traces of the Dragon: Jackie Chan and his family revealed a rather colorful past of Jackie Chan 's parents. Jackie Chan 's mother was an opium dealer, a gambler and an important figure in China 's organized crime underworld. His father was a spy for Nationalist government and later become the boss of the gangland (underworld). Chan 's father met his mother when he arrested her for smuggling opium. (source)

2. Jackie Chan 's family was so poor he was almost sold to a wealthy British Couple when he was still a baby.

Jackie Chan 's parents who fled to Honk Kong from mainland China were so poverty stricken - they contemplated selling off an infant Jackie to a wealthy British couple for few bucks. (source)

3. His real name is Kong-sang Chan, Jackie Chan got the name Jackie while working as a construction worker in Canberra, Australia.

Jackie Chan was born as Chan Kong-Sang. When film work dried up in 1970 's Jackie was forced to move in with his parents in Canberra. He took up a job as a construction worker in
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