Jackie Monologue

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“Well Adam, it doesn 't seem like you 're feeling up to leaving today, are you sure you want to wait to go home tomorrow?” My nurse Jackie said.
I laughed, “That 's quite the joke Jackie, I think I 'll leave today I can 't stay another day.”
Jackie extended her small hand towards my arm, “Okay, I 'll help you up and walk you out”
“No, if I 'm going to leave I need to do it myself. Thank you, though.” I said while grasping the handles of my hospital bed. After four weeks in the hospital, my body was weak. I hadn 't walked anywhere but to the bathroom, since I walked to the car on that cool morning before the accident.
“Adam, I am proud of you,” Jackie said from the doorway of my hospital room.

The walls were bright and my vision
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Later that day I walked around my neighborhood reminiscing on my childhood. I thought about the good and the bad. Like, the time my mom have me a puppy for my sixth birthday, he died ten years later when I was sixteen. Eventually, my mind wandered to regrets as it always does. Tommy. I regret that night spent at a party. I regret telling him to drink more. I regret not showing up to his funeral. I regret letting him take the blame for his own death, even after he was dead and gone for eleven years.

I walked six blocks down and sat on the curb. Cross Streets, Tom street, and Fond avenue. The streets my whole life changed on. One accident, two people in each car. I thought about the other two people in that white Honda while I was in the hospital. I wondered if they were okay, if they made it out of the hospital or if they died. I thought about that as I watched the stoplight change colors and the cars drive by. It must have been an hour or so before I lay down and watched the sky.
In the morning, I noticed the city was quiet, I made it home safe but I had no clue how. I walked to my neighbor 's house to ask them if they had brought me home. The doorbell rang inside the old tan house but nobody answered. I brushed that thought off, thinking that they could
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