Jackie Robinson Argumentative Essay

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Hard Working, Strong,and Committed are three words that people think of in connection to Jackie Robinson. Many people know who broke the color barrier in baseball,was jackie robinson, but he was so much more. As a normal kid, Jackie Robinson showed the world that anyone could make a positive change is you stay hard working, strong and committed. He left a legacy as a world changer. There were many racial remarks against Jackie, either physically, or he couldn't do anything about it. When he was physically hurt many things happened.At bats for him was a thousand times scarier because pitcher would often aim right for his head. Playing against the Yankees just wasn't the same, rude comments for the dugouts that were just flat out nasty. The rude comments not always came from other player but it came from the crowds. Nothing made the situation better not even his teammates . They would despise Jackie at would ever he did. which did not make sense because he was one of the best players out there. During a play when Jackie was at second base and he received a throw , he was severely cut from the spikes that an opposing player had thrown into his leg from his cleats. Ben Chapman was a guy who would do anything to get Jackie out of the MLB, but that did not stop Jackie from playing baseball. …show more content…

He left everyone speechless with what he did , and also left them looking up to him. Little kids all ages not only looked up to him as a player,but also as a person. Any player could have been so good that they left a impact on a kid, but Jackie Robinson left one on kids as a person to look up to. He also made people think differently about African Americans , and how they can make a change in the world. People all over the world would look at Jackie just as a normal baseball player but now they had much more respect for him. Lastly, he showed how people should stand up for their rights no matter

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