Jackie Robinson Breaking Barriers

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“Breaking Barriers” Jackie Robinson once said “During my life, I have had a few nightmares that has happened to me while I was awake…”. It is tough having a family member that you love dearly go through so much pain. My grandfather had a stroke about 4 years ago. Ever since then he has been slowly dying. I have got through this barrier in life with persistence just like Jackie Robinson did. My grandfather was very sick and one day could not move. So my uncle and mother took him to the hospital. A day later he went into a coma. His brain swelled up and was too big for his skull. So he went into surgery and the doctors had to cut a piece of his skull out. The doctors said he would have a full recovery after the surgery, but my grandpa is in a nursing home not able to leave, walk or do anything himself. My grandfather was in the hospital for a little over a year. He went through so much and I could not do anything about it. I feel like no human being should go through something like that. I wish I could have helped in a way. So since I could not help him I am doing what he wanted me to do my best in, which was school and softball. My grandfather came to my…show more content…
I was just like Jackie, whatever was in his way he still pushed through it and was successful. Although some days were not easy, I still fought through it. I am able to get through school without being distracted by everything. I still think about him but i have other things and have to push through this. Although our stories are different, I do have many things in common with Jackie Robinson. Through persistence I am able to reach my goal. I did not leave a legacy as Jackie Robinson but I did overcome my issue like Jackie. I am very reserved about my feelings and people do not really know when I am upset because I feel like it is not there problem and it is mine and I need to work on it myself, but I am thankful for everyone in my
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