Jackie Robinson: Breaking Boundaries In Baseball

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Jackie Robinson - Breaking Boundaries

The screaming cuss-words coming from the stands while the civil rights leader Jackie Robinson is on the baseball diamond was what they thought was the right thing to do at the moment. But, what the fans didn't realize was that they were criticizing one of the best baseball players to play the game.

After Jackie attended John Muir High School in California, he went on to the University of California, Los Angeles to pursue basketball, track, baseball and football. All those sports he did extremely well in.

Jackie Robinson had to battle a strong amount of adversity throughout his life, and became very mentally strong. He was a great civil rights leader and changed the game of baseball forever. …show more content…

When he first got out of college he was segregated into a negro baseball league. When he was playing, the fans would be calling him terrible names and would most likely make him mad. When Jackie would play, the fans would be throwing things at him from the stands. They fans would throw drinks, food, and things they brought into the stadium. (#####) Jackie was named the best player in the negro leagues, and now is thought as one of the best players to play the game. Going through all of the horrible things that he did, Jackie's mental strength could almost tackle anything that came across his path.

Jackie had setbacks through his baseball career, and they all made an impact. A setback that Jackie had was him being an african american male. He would get racially profiled and discriminated all through his life. (#####) Also, all of the people and fans being so ignorant about african americans. At the end of his life, he had blood clots in his legs and became very weak. Then, later in life Jackie became 50% blind. Jackie had many setbacks but with his strength and determination he managed to battle through the challenges in

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