How Did Jackie Robinson Change The Color Barrier

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How did Jackie Robinson change the color barrier throughout the game of Baseball and the World? Jackie Robinson changed the color barrier throughout the game of Baseball and the World in his time period. Robinson did this by breaking the color barrier in April 1947, Protesting his rights, and sticking together with many other Black Americans. Most Black Americans from 1919 to 1947 had dealt with Black segregation sometime in their lives which had consisted of not using the same restrooms as White Americans or not being able to use the same water fountain. This is complete violation of the 14th Amendment which affirms that “all persons born or naturalized in the United States are American citizens including African Americans” (Amendment, 14).When this is violated it is taking away the Life, Liberty, and the property as whole. These are…show more content…
We would later learn that he changed how the game of baseball should be played. We see what Robinson did when Simon says, “It is possible to see, In Robinson’s slow, purposeful walk into the face of taunts, threats, some of the unbowed courage that Americans would later admire in the civil rights marchers who faced down stinging water sprays, sharp rocks, and snapping police dogs” (Simon, 5). With what we know about Jackie, we know that he stuck up for what he believed in and showed it through the way he talked to people and his actions on and off the field. Jackie Robinson had dealt with segregation when he was in the Army. He had issues with the Discriminant Racial actions. As previously stated, he was ordered to sit in the colored section of the bus and he disobeyed that order. This clearly showed that he stuck up for what he believed in. Disobeying an order can lead to jail time or to get discharged right off the bat. As soon as Robinson left the Army with a discharge, the same scenario arises. We see what happened when Osborne
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