Jackie Robinson Heritage Minute Speech

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The Heritage Minutes and Canada: A People’s History strive to produce something stirring and compelling – something that Canadians can get excited about, and that will elicit national pride. Jackie Robinson is a important member of the Canadian identity he shows the struggle and triumphs a person of colour must face in order to be accepted as a human and shows compassion and acceptance the Canadians showed. Jackie Robinson was to join the Montreal Royals an affiliate of the major league team, the Brooklyn Dodgers. The heritage minute clip Jackie Robinson depicts a significant part in Robinson’s life. The heritage minute clip begins with Branch Rickey, the general manager for the Brooklyn dodgers. Branch Rickey came into the dressing room…show more content…
The sport of baseball was dominated by white players and Jackie Robinson was the first to challenge it, however it was not something he did entirely alone. Branch Rickey so the potential in Robinson and gave him the chance he deserved. After a short period of time jackie was accepted by the Canadians. This acceptance of a african american in a sport controlled by white men, helped to progress the civil rights movement of african americans. This person is important to Canadian identity because Jackie Robinson showed the world and Canadians themselves that Canada is a multicultural society, and someones skin tone doesn't make them any different. Jackie Robinson’s importance to the civil rights movement was recognized by civil rights activists like martin luther king. Jackie’s successful integration on to the segregated field of baseball, provided a positive example that blacks and whites could have peace and respect between each other. This heritage minute tenders to the ideal of modern day Canadian today because Canada is a multicultural society and the citizens of Canada hold this beliefs close to there hearts.The use of a multicultural ideal activates a persons national pride and gives Canadians a sense of a collective

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