Jackie Robinson Accomplishments

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“I’m not concerned with your liking or disliking me… all I ask is that you respect me as a human being.”-Jackie Robinson (Lorber) Jackie Robinson. Jackie Robinson change the world in many different ways. Jackie wasn’t just any baseball player he was also a civil rights leader. Jackie Robinson showed his perseverance by being the first ever African American baseball player by doing that he showed courage and perseverance.
Jackie Robinson 's childhood just prepared him for the struggles he would have to deal with when he was older. Jerry, Robinson a sharecropper who farmed land for a large plantation owned by a wealthy white family, and Mallie Mcgriff, Robinson the daughter of a free, slaves were Jackie Robinson’s parents (Hillstrom 134). In, 1919 in Cairo, Georgia neither Jerry or Mallie Robinson could have thought that their newborn son would become the first black Major League Baseball player. Just months after Jackie was, born Jackie’s father left his family and ran off with the neighbor’s wife (Frick). Jackie’s mother and five older siblings, then left Georgia to live with their Uncle Burton in California
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In December of 1941 when Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor Jackie enlisted in the U.S. Army (Hillstrom 135). Jackie was a assigned to a segregated unit at Fort Riley in Kansas (Hillstrom 135). In 1943 he became a lieutenant (Hillstrom 135). When Jackie was in the army, he faced many charges from multiple officers (Lorber). Jackie was on the bus once when the bus driver ordered Robinson to move to the back of the bus, so a white officer could sit (Hillstrom 135). When Jackie refused to move for the white officers he have to go the a court martial for disobedience and conducting unbecoming an officer(Hillstrom 135). In 1944 Jackie left with an honorable discharge (Lorber). Jackie Robinson had to face racism all of his life he didn’t just have to deal with it during his baseball
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