Jackie Robinson Obstacles Essay

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Jackie Robinson, Melba Beals and Feng Ru all faced life changing experiences that had a big impact around them,Beals was best known for letting other black kids go to and all white School, Jackie was best known for being the first African American to play in the major leagues. And Feng Ru built planes and brought his knowledge to his home country. In warriors don’t cry, I never had it made, and The Father Of Chinese Aviation. All 3 Characters faced obstacles. Jackie was best known for being the first African American to be in the Major leagues.Jackie Robinson had a life changing experience that had a huge impact around him. But Robinson had some events that challenged him, like his teammates not accepting him, verbal and physical threats, hate mail, and fans screaming racial slurs during games .“ There were threats against me and my family and even out to out attempts at physical harm to me” (Jackie). Jackie had threats that were mainly focused on him. “Mr Rickey had shocked some of his fellow baseball tycoons and angered others by deciding to smash the unwritten law that kept blacks of of the big leagues” Said Jackie.Mr. Rickey knew that Jackie would be a great ball…show more content…
Melba Beals was going to Little Rock High School in Arkansas for the first time, which was a life changing experience for her. But there were some events that challenged her, like, Racism, Verbal threats, Spitting, people trying to fight her, and segregationist mobs.”We began moving forward the eerie silence would be forever etched into my memory. “ Said Beals. “ We stepped up the front door of the central high school and crossed the threshold where the angry segregationist mobs had forbidden us to go”(Beals). Beals responded to the events by ignoring all the problems. The events caused her to grow because she learned to accept who she was. Melba had an impact on her country because she inspired most just like Feng
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