Jackie Robinson Role Model

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Jackie Robinson, a star baseball player, the rookie of the year, nominated for the hall of fame. All of that is true, but there is some parts that you might not know. You have probably watched the movie “42” and have watched the struggles of Jackie Robinson in his time playing in the big leagues. If you haven’t watched 42 then you have probably read “Noble Experiment” which is told in Jackie Robinson’s point of view, so it is an autobiography, but you might have not noticed that the book left out big important details, that were included into the movie “42”. Jackie Robinson is a huge main role model for those who wanted to try out for sports but couldn’t because of their race. Even then, people who should’ve disliked Jackie pretended to be…show more content…
Also how Rickey wanted to bring in a African-American baseball player to the big leagues. Otherwise the book and movie are total opposites. As Noble Experiment shows less detail than 42, it is actually written in Jackie’s point of view, meaning he was the one that wrote the story on himself. Some interesting facts: Jackie managed to get the Dodgers to the World Championship and Jackie won the championship, was voted #1 rookie of the year, and voted to be in the Hall of Fame, pretty surprising right? Well, that is what happens when you try to improve something you got wrong.

So, in conclusion, the Noble Experiment and 42 are about the same person, but are different. As Jackie told the Noble Experiment in his point of view, 42 was supposed to be watched as a narrative like movie, where people could see into more far of a detail than the movie. That is why Jackie is such a role model. Jackie is a role model because he fought for what he believed in, he never gave up, and he was a good example in baseball since a lot of people wanted to be him. With that concluding, Jackie is a huge role model that is part of both the book and the
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