Jackie Robinson Turning Point Essay

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When you have a turning point in life they are usually difficult and challenging. The story’s “Warriors Don’t Cry” by Melba Patillo Beals, “The Father Of Chinese Aviation” by Feng Ru, and “I Never Had It Made” by Jackie Robinson all had some life changing experiences in their life. Jackie Robinson his turning point was he was the first African American to play in the M.L.B,Melba Patillo Beals her turning point was she had to face rudeness, segregation all that horrible stuff and she couldn’t even go to school for 2 days, and finally Feng Ru His turning point was he had created the first airplane in a 10ft shack and put the pieces together all by himself. They all made life changes and impacts on their countries. Feng Ru, Melba Beals, and Jackie Robinson all inspired people to above and beyond, They also inspired their country by making changes and great impacts on their country. Jackie Robinson decided to fight to be the first African American player in the M.L.B. “It was a history-making day. It would be the first time a black man would be allowed to participate in a world series. I had become the…show more content…
“At twilight on a tuesday evening september 1909, Feng Ru prepared to test an airplane of his own design above the gently rolling hills of Oakland, California.This evidence supports the topic by telling he took his own airplane that he built and rolled it over to fly it. “While Feng Ru is little known in the united states, his fame in china is equivalent to the wright brothers’. This evidence also helps the topic because it says that he is better known in china because he was asian but because of that since he created the airplane in china the wrights created it in the they have the equal amount of fame but just in differnt countries.This shows how Feng Ru made history on the california coast, then introducedairplanes to his native land.
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