Jackie Robinson's Contribution To Major League Baseball

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Jackie Robinson was actually the first black person to play major league baseball. He went through a lot of things just to make his dream come true. Jackie Robinson would suffer a lot because the other white players did not want him on the Brooklyn Dodgers because of his race. The manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers told jackie Robinson that is he accepted to be on the team he would not respond to the abuse of racism. Jackie Robinson did not respond to all the racism but got really angry sometimes. That year Jackie Robinson got rookie of the year on his first season.
After a while all the other players started liking him. They realized that he was a very good player, so good that he took the dodgers to the world series. His success just got better and better he was the best in the mlb on
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In five at bats he hit a 3 run homer and three singles stole two bases and scored four times twice by forcing the pitcher to balk. That is really hard to do almost impossible. His manager once said this guy did not come to play he came to beat ya.
Jackie Robinson made it too 5 World Series and won none. Until one year
That the Brooklyn Dodgers made it too another World Series in 1955. Jackie
Robinson won that World Series and no one was racist to him when he won that World Series. The cool part was that Jackie Robinson won Rookie of The Year in 1947 , National League MVP in 1949 and was a World Series champ in 1950.
Now he is a Hall of famer and every one will remember him
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