Jackie Robinson's I Never Had It Made

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Jackie Robinson passed the law that black people could play in major leagues and made it right for blacks to play sports but it was not easy for him I Never Had It Made. Melba Beals was famous for letting black kids to go to all white schools Warriors Don’t Cry. Feng Ru brought planes to the coast and China Father of Chinese Aviation. The events that challenged the person because he was forced to live with snubs and rebuffs and some of his teammates refused to play with him because he was black. This shows that Jackie Robinson has gone through hard times of his career. Another quote is when he thought they needed a black man as their symbol, it says Suppressed and repressed for so many years, they needed a victorious and leadful black man…show more content…
Melba Beals responded to the events by becoming upset because the soldiers did all that just for a little rock girl like her. Feng Ru responded to the events by not giving up and just kept trying even after many fatal plane crashes. Jackie robinson grew and developed from this by working hard and just kept not worrying about the crowd throwing stones at him or shouting at him. Melba beals grew and developed by being proud that she got to school and proud that the soldiers did all this for her. Feng Ru on the other hand grew and developed by learning more things about planes and built a factory and learned from his past mistakes and failure crashes and became more successful in the buildings of his plane building and test flying. Finally, the impacts that they made are really important, Jackie robinson made an impact on society by paving a way for other black people to play in the major leagues. Melba Beals, passed the law for black kids to go to all white schools. Finally, Feng ru made impact because he brought planes to the coast and became the father of chinese aviation what would you do if you were one of these people who changed their country and also their

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