Jackie Robinson's Impact On Baseball

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Jackie Robinson not only made impacts on the field that were monumental, but he made impacts off the field that were equally as important. Jackie helped presidents get elected, get kids off the streets and into the most prestigious schools there is, and most importantly he broke the black color barrier in baseball. Jackie Robinson is one of the most influential people to ever live, he did things that people would dream about, he stood up for what he believed.
To begin, Jackie’s biggest accomplishment was breaking the black color barrier on baseball, “ Jackie Robinson broke through the color barrier that kept blacks out of the Major League Baseball [MLB]. Branch Rickey, general manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers, signed the 28 year old infielder, and when Robinson took the field with his white teammate’s , a major symbol of segregated America began to crumble”(Williams,Juan 1). This shows how one of the biggest organizations in baseball was aware he was black and took the risk of signing him. In doing this Jackie knew the repercussions that could happen, “... putting his popularity and career on the line with the powerful baseball hierarchy, the fans, with other blacks, to do whatever he thought he had to do to help his people”(Williams,Juan 2). Jackie knew the consequences but he knew he had to do what was right. Lastly, people started to realize just how big of an impact Jackie left on the community, “ I was the first black manager, but it doesn 't compare to what Jackie went
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