Jackie Roosevelt Robinson Biography Essay

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Jackie Roosevelt Robinson was born on January 31, 1919 in Cairo, Georgia to a sharecropping family. His parents were named Mallie and Jerry Robinson. Jackie had three brothers: Edgar, Frank, and Mack, as well as a sister, Willa Mae. Jerry worked on a plantation for twelve dollars a month, but was complaining about being sick of farming and spending an increasing amount of time in Cairo. Six months after Jackie was born, Jerry told Mallie that he was going to visit his brother in Texas, but Mallie was afraid Jerry would never come back to his family. Unfortunately, she was right. Later she learned that he had left home and gone away with a neighbor’s wife.
After Jackie 's father left the family, Mallie decided to move the family to their Uncle Burton’s house. Mallie got a job washing and ironing and started making money, although she didn’t make enough. Sometimes, they could only afford two meals a day, and some days they wouldn’t eat anything at all if it hadn’t been for the leftovers Mallie would bring home from her job. There were also many times when the family lived on bread and sweat water. Jackie’s mother’s dream was to go have her kids go to school. While she was at work, Willa Mae took
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He was sweeping the sidewalk when he became the subject of verbal harassment by a little girl who happened to be his neighbor. Jackie Robinson called out a word at the little girl. Her father stormed out of the house to confront him The girl’s father and Jackie started throwing rocks at each other and got into a huge stone-throwing fight. Fortunately, the girl’s mother told her husband to come back in the house. This incident was like a pattern. The Robinson 's white neighbors had done many unfriendly things to their family before. Jackie 's mother never allowed her kids to antagonize the whites, and she made it clear that she was not afraid of whites and they should not let them mistreat
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