Jack's Power In Lord Of The Flies

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When the boys of the island were first introduced to each other, Jack believed that he should be the chief because he was already in charge of the small choir. Jack has a fair amount of power within his choir so he automatically thought that he would be a chief. His personality is more bold and outspoken than most of the boys on the island. Since the beginning of the book, Ralph had been portrayed as a perfect leader, or just having cheif like qualities. Although he does think rationally, he disregards Piggy and is Before departing to explore the island, Jack says, “‘You're no good on a job like this.’‘All the same –’[said Ralph] ‘We don’t want you,’ said Jack, flatly. ‘Three’s enough.’” (24) Both Ralph and Jack tell Piggy that they do not…show more content…
In order to gain power, Jack uses “the beast” to scare the children into following his ways and doing what he says. When Jack first tells about the beast, he gives the children enough information to frighten them without directly showing them the creature. In addition, most of the boys end up going to him for information about the beast. This provides Jack with more power in reason of the information he withholds concerning the beast. During World War I, Hitler would make sure that the, “Nazi regime employed propaganda to impress upon German civilians and soldiers that the Jews were not only subhuman, but also dangerous enemies of the German Reich.”(1) This way of using propaganda is related to the way that Jack completely over exaggerates the beast. Both Hitler and Jack share similar qualities of leader. Their character is irreconcilable to Ralph, who is much noble. Ralph comes into power by more of his looks and by having discovered the conch. In the book, the conch is the main item of authority for the boys. When Simon dies, Ralph, who witnessed and partook in the death, convinces himself that he never saw the event. He is slowly becoming insane from staying on the island for the long period of time. In the end, the corruption of Ralph happens more from the island itself and the environment around him. Corruption is what can lead great rulers into insanity and
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