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II. Diction In jail life, prisoners are naturally the only socially active part of jail, apart from the availability of drugs. In Jack’s prison it was said that “Drugs were available everywhere at all times.” Gantos 57. Through the second half of the book, hashish became a very important part of jail for Jackg. Jack’s prison mates are mentioned throughout the entirety of the book. Cell Mates played a tremendous role in Drug connections, gang rivalries, and friendships for Jack. Skulls is one of the rising conflict that Jack faces in prison. They are a ruthless gang that enjoys power over others. The writer is very diverse in his subjects when detailing the prison mates. When describing the prison mates the reader will be surprised to know that…show more content…
The writer makes his character go through very emotional and traumatizing events which can only appeal to readers as pathos. Jack narrates in first person which makes the story seem more reliably true, Jack 's perspective is brought up many times when being introduced to new surroundings. Upon moving to st. croix Jack discovers the dark truth about his town. “Drugs were available everywhere at all times.” Gantos 57. Jack is keen to narrate his journey in first person, which gives the story many anecdotes. “Before Hamilton and I set out on the final journey we took several practice voyages…” Gantos 72. Jack is very literal and rarely uses personification, however similes are quite common when he compares two things. “She was like a lookout waving her arm and giving us the all-clear.” Gantos…show more content…
My favorite part of the book was that Hole in my life is a true story which makes the farfetched events plenty more exciting. I enjoyed the ending because he finally got what he wanted, to write. The ending gave a sense of fulfilment and it was very satisfying. My favorite part would be when he was in the drug industry, the entire time he was on edge, the story became very suspenseful and edgy. I would recommend this book to everyone, The book is exciting and a real page turner to say the least. Plus Jack is always learning and growing from the events that happens, which makes the story very dynamic and is rarely boring. I rate it

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