Jackson And The Lightning Thief Character Analysis

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In books the main characters befriend people that are very different from themselves. After befriending these people they are taught the way they do things and adapt to them. One book that has a character that learns from somebody who is opposite of them is Percy in Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. Similarly, in the book Loot the characters learn from the leader of their group to plan ahead. Friendships are based on one person being a planner and one being a do-er.

In the book Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief, Percy and his friend Annabeth are total opposites because Annabeth makes plans for everything and percy is a do-er. When an important event came up in the book that required a lot of things to do, she made a plan. In the book on page 128 Annabeth says,“quest...poseidon...dirty rotten Got to make a plan.” This shows that she makes plans for just about everything because her mother is the god of knowledge and they both make a lot of plans. Often a do-er and a thinker or planner are important to friendships in books.

Because characters in friendships are mostly opposites, they sometimes follow each other. One way Annabeth rubs off on Percy is at the end of the book when Percy is making a plan for the year and trying to decide whether or not to stay at camp
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They are trying to steal a set of moonstones which are much more expensive as a set than individually, so they need to steal them all to sell them for as much money as possible. On page 175, March says “Izzy has researched our two targets - were lucky because these two have digital trails we know where they live and about their routines” March is explaining planning that Izzy has put together ahead of time. Before learning to plan from March, Izzy would not have done this research. In fact, she would probably not be out of the foster home, let alone stealing
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