Jackson Contract Law Case

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1.Jackson should take into consideration that since he intends to lease property for Galaxy’s new expansion idea that contract law will need to be taken into consideration. The lease between the landlord-tenant law will also be put into play. With the hiring of new employees, employment and labor law will need to be visited.
2.It would be in the best interest for Galaxy for Jackson to seek legal counsel during this time of expansion. Using a law firm would better benefit Galaxy than that of in-house counsel. With the law becoming increasingly complex business lawyers would be able to give Galaxy the legal advice needed to make the expansion while keeping them compliant with all local, state, and federal laws.
3. Jackson would need to have fundamental knowledge in the following areas of the law to help protect his company. Law Source Level
Contracts for services/land Primarily law State
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4. Jackson could do some research on how the IRS has taxed such transactions in the past. Using stare decisis and precedents to help with such an acquisition could play an important role in the decision making process for Galaxy.
5. The equitable maxim of “equity aids the vigilant” should apply in this case because it was not pursued in a reasonable period of time. By Holmes not pursuing his legal rights in a timely manner it could be an advantage to Galaxy because the judge could take that into
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