Jackson Pollack The Deep

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The Deep An enigmatic piece of art, The Deep, was illustrated by an American painter, Jackson Pollack. This art is an abstract expressionist painting. It was created in the 1950s. This piece reflects a troubling period of alcoholism in his life. His influences were from Surrealism and Cubism. His depictions of the unconscious derived from Surrealism and the use of picture spacing was obtained from Cubism. (Surrealism and Cubism) The Deep is valuable because it displays extraordinary artistic techniques, it provides several possible interpretations regarding his personal life, and yet it is relatable to viewers’ lives, given the complex nature of the painting. Pollack uses artistic techniques that are unique. He used a dripping method that other artists had not used before that time frame. This painting is made on a canvas with oil and enamel. It has a dark undertone. The essential colors are black and gray. There are some specks of light blue and yellow surrounding the center. The visual look of the painting is distinctive because it does not display a landscape or focus on a particular thing- rather, it is just based on solid colors with non symmetrical, wavy…show more content…
This piece is important because it is exceptional compared to well-known artists. It has an philosophical interpretation that can relate to viewers’ lives. It is visually unusual compared to other art because it does not have a specific subject, and the crypticness is fascinating because it has viewers thinking deeply about its meaning as they begin to understand the visuals. It is a substantial piece of art because if one is having a difficult time in life, one can glance at The Deep and feel a sense of comfort of not feeling
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