Jackson Pollock And John Cage: An American Odd Couple Analysis

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The article, Jackson Pollock and John Cage: An American Odd Couple, talks about two very influential artists in our American history. Jackson Pollock was an amazing artist and he has many works of art in an exhibition in New York that displays many paintings, drawings, sketches, and objects that he made. John Cage was a famous artist and a composer. In his exhibition it has many watercolor paintings and some of his famous musical works and also photographs and videos of him and other things. They were both very opposite of one another, Jackson Pollock thought very deeply about his works and tried to make then mirror his inner ego, whereas John Cage tried not to think to deeply about his paintings, but rather withdraw from them. Both of these artists wanted to be…show more content…
He wanted his work to express an idea in every painting and a certain emotion, he didn 't want to be the normal painter either. He wanted to be different than everyone before him. “Art can be practiced in one way or another,” Cage wrote, “so that it reinforces the ego in its likes and dislikes, or so that it opens that mind to the world outside, and outside inside.” This quote shows how all art forms are related. It doesn 't matter what it is whether it’s photography, painting, sketching, drawing, film, composing, or anything else. Art is meant to open up your mind to new things, make you feel things and cause emotion to come forth. It doesn 't matter what you are practicing, if it makes you feel something or emotion, then it is art. This is how all art is related. Anywhere from a beautiful painting, to a movie, to music and composing. Art is supposed to mean something to the person looking at, watching or listening to. It doesn 't matter if it 's a lot of splatters on a paper like Jackson Pollock 's famous works or music masterpieces made by

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