Jackson Pollock Essay

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Museum Paper: Pollock, Jackson. One: No.31, 1950
Many great artists became famous not only thanks to the masterpieces they had created, but also because of their unique style. A great American painter Jackson Pollock definitely belongs to this kind of painters. Moreover, his artworks became “a landmark in the history of Abstract Expressionism” (museum label). One of such painting named One: No.31, 1950 is currently exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in Manhattan, New York, NY. The work is on view on Floor 2, in the Prints and Illustrated Books Galleries. This paper is a personal response based on the formal analysis and historical/cultural context of the chosen artwork.
Jackson Pollock (1912-1956) was one of the most well-known American
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All of its lines, curves, waves and spirals are skillfully applied by him on canvas, being combined into one composition. Pollock truly balanced line and color in a way that holds the whole composition together – however, any part of the painting looks like a separate composition too. Therefore, line and color are the key art elements in No.31, 1950 – they produce unity and balance throughout the artwork. The effect of energy and vibration is also achieved thanks to the rough noticeable texture, which shows that the painting is still in a good…show more content…
These art elements helped Pollock convey his mood and feelings and put them on canvas in a very spontaneous manner, turning the artist into a master of improvisation. Its content is abstract and can be interpreted as the expression of artist’s inner world and the emotions he was experiencing at a particular moment of his life. Furthermore, the artist managed to establish emotional connection with the spectators, making them experience a range of feelings like sadness (black), joy (white), tension (contrast), energy (interlacing splashes), etc. Thus, visiting the exhibition and viewing One: No.31, 1950 became a great opportunity to explore Pollock’s unique painting technique and style as well as appreciate his artistic
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