Jackson Pollock Influences

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Jackson Pollock, known for his abstract art influence, was born in Cody, Wyoming in January of 1912, the same birthplace of Buffalo Bill. Pollock was given the nickname “Cowboy Artist”, which was a myth, but the nickname was helpful. He was the youngest of five brothers and was a needy child always searching for attention and trying to live up to his older brothers. Pollock was insecure and very uncomfortable in social situations, people made him nervous and he was a recluse. A quote from an early letter confirms his insecurity: “…people have always frightened and bored me; consequently I have been within my own shell…” (Bio.com)
Leroy Pollock, his father, was a farmer and later a land surveyor for the government. His father changed jobs and
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The fact that he had something so precious and valuable but he could not see it in him was disheartening, I read more about his life and how he became known for what he was and who he was as an artist and was intrigued. Pollock refused to color within the lines and I appreciate that about his art, he was a genius, Time magazine dubbing him as “Jack the Dripper”(Getlein 502). His tragic death August 11, 1956, in a drunken driving accident, where he lost control of the vehicle and was thrown fifty feet into a tree that crushed his brain, his life long struggle with mental illness and alcoholism had ended abruptly. Many times Pollock was compared to James Dean; as James Dean was to movies, Pollock was to art. (“Jackson Pollock Biography”) He was only forty four and his last two paintings were “Scent” and “Search”, completed in 1955. So many times people with amazing talent cannot see it in themselves and wrestle with the demons of insecurity and inadequacy. On the other hand he was prideful and arrogant and many times spoke of others and colleagues in a condescending very critical way, he had a reputation of being violent when drinking and an introvert and uncommunicative when sober (Getlein
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