Mark Rothko's Tentacles Of Painting

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Register to read the introduction…This painting is very pale and suave. Rothko is known for being a very important painter who used color field painting as one of his techniques. The painting is very pale, and very similar shades of colors are used. It is different from action painting because in this case there is no presence of the artist in the painting, and it is very bland but at the same time unique. If you scroll the eye from the top down to the bottom, you will get an idea of serenity and that there is not really a lot going on. This is clearly not an action painting because instead of being full of confusion and action, it is very much similar to impressionism with the use of pale and bland colors, just like the techniques of Henri Matisse . Based on what is the name of the painting, it seems like Rothko wants to make the viewer follow the tentacles (which would be the lines in the painting) back to old memories. These kinds of paintings are really helpful to look at and reflect because there is not a lot of action going on in them and therefore they are more calm and serene. This gives more space for the eye to rest and understand what the artist is focusing…show more content…
It is not enough to understand this canvas just by looking at the various shades of red in it, Rothko would want every single person who looks at the painting to get something out of it, to feel something in the heart, and to express emotions when looking at it. He once said: “If you are only moved by color relationships [in my paintings], you are missing the point. I am interested in expressing the big emotions - tragedy, ecstasy, doom.” Just like Adams said in “The History of Art”, this kind of art has no place in time or space . It is basically all unique. He used red as the main color of the picture, and from the lightest red, he focused on the darkest one that really almost looks like black. By looking at it from the top to he bottom, it seems like the colors get brighter and brighter. This makes me think of a life event that started off terribly bad (so in the dark) but that with work and strength it god better and became great (in the brightness). Rothko used color field painting in this case as well because in contrast to action painting it is more traditional. Paintings that have this style do not impersonate the painter, and therefore they should portray different feelings and emotions for everyone, but one should never stop just to look at the color

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