Jackson Teller: A Narrative Analysis

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The death of Jackson Teller did not come as a shock. While many mourned for the man inside and outside of the cut, many were not phased. Many went on with their day to day business. A lot of people think Charming is more peaceful without him. Less bloody. More quite. Which in a sense that was true. But for one group of men it was hard to come to terms with the loss of their king. His ceremony was small. It was a dreary Friday afternoon when they all gathered around the grave in a small circle. Looking to one another for support as they watched the black casket of their former president, their brother, their friend being lowered to the ground with heavy hearts unsure of how to say goodbye. Because the goodbye was too soon. The casket was closed…show more content…
"It 's been awhile, a long while since I felt what freedom, true freedom felt like. Just know in the last moments of my life--I felt free. Free from the stress and the guilt that has been eating me alive for the past couple of years. I knew that I did what I had to do to keep my club and family surviving. I know I couldn 't be with my family anymore because I never want my boys to know this life. I never want them to feel this pressure. To have the fear, the guilt, the sadness eat them alive every night. As for Abel, I know he had already seen and been through so much, but there is still a chance for him. There is still a chance for him without me there. I know me leaving him right now is the closest thing to the right decision that I could make for him. I know Wendy and Nero will be able to give my boys the life I could never give them. The life that Tara always wanted for them. This was my life. It should have never been theirs. I can never change. This was my life. I have been planning this for awhile. I know none of them will be here today. But I just hope they know I love them and did what I could for them." Chibs paused to wipe the tears from his eyes. Everyone was crying again. They couldn 't

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