Jacksonian Democracy DBQ

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Andrew Jackson emerged as a war hero from the Battle of New Orleans in 1815. In the election of 1828, Jackson’s campaign brought the common man into voting booths by sweeping votes in the south and west, mainly agrarian farmers and frontiersmen looking to expand west, while John Quincy Adams took most of the Old Federalist votes in the New England region. While Jacksonian Democrats viewed themselves as the guardians of the Constitution and protectors of political democracy, individual freedoms and equality in terms of economic opportunity, they also took credit for increased white male suffrage, as voting participation increased dramatically through the Jackson era. However, the problems such as slavery, Indian removal policies, woman’s and…show more content…
Racial violence sparked in New York between the Irish and Americans rioted and beat each other and fought one another in the streets. In Philadelphia, there was a similar movement where houses were burned down and blacks and anyone “whose skins were darker...” were persecuted by whites (E). In document G the illustration shows the trail of tears, where natives were forcedly kicked out of their ancestral lands westward because of the Indian Removal Act. In the case Worcester v. Georgia, Worcester claimed that his family’s forced removal was a violation of his constitutional rights and believed that state over-stepped their boundaries and had no right to enforce their laws inside their Native land and Justice Chief Marshall ruled in favor of Worcester claiming that the state did not have the power to enforce laws in territory that wasn’t…show more content…
Jackson claimed that the national bank was unconstitutional because the bank served the privileged few without any influence from the common American citizens and therefore held a monopoly on the foreign and domestic exchange (B). Jackson then withdraws all the funds and puts them into pet banks that issued their own paper money that essentially became unreliable and worthless. As a result of Jackson now issued the Specie Circular required payment for government land to be in gold and silver in order to provide the country with reliable currency. The panic of 1937 followed short after with a five-year depression with failed banks and low employment levels. In the Charles River Bridge v. Warren Bridge case, a company with a bridge cannot limit another bridge company from being on the same bridge (A). As a result of this ruling, it promotes competition and reduces
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