Jacksonian Democracy Dbq Essay

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Jackson was elected in 1828 over John Quincy Adams, as he appealed to the common man and in doing so won over their vote, however, he would advocate for the common man but act in ways that often benefited the himself and the upper class. He did this all in the name of the best interests for the lower-class average citizen. His followers were known as Jacksonian Democrats. When regarding social, political, and economic matters the Jacksonian Democrats regarded themselves as “guardians of the Democracy”, this however was not the case. In reality they simply guarded their own interests as well as supported Jefferson in whatever course he chose. The jacksonians would rally the support of the South and West in order to achieve their goals. They…show more content…
In the year of Jackson 's campaign the right to vote was given to men who did not own property which had been a key part in the vision of Hamilton ever since the late 1700s. In document A George Henry Evans in “The Working Man’s Declaration of Independence” written in 1829 presents this social progress found in the Jacksonian era “defended” by his followers as the idea of a guardian is presented as he states, “it is their duty… to provide new guards for their future security”. (Doc A). The emerging class shows how the equality of economic opportunity had been nurtured. The amended voting regulations illustrated a significant transition in the typical rights bestowed upon men and an obvious increase in Individual liberty. However within in the same time period within the Acts of South Carolina of 1835 it was demonstrated that guardians of individual liberty and the Constitution had failed as “they will make it highly penal to print, publish, and distribute newspapers, pamphlets, tracts… having an obvious tendency to excite slaves of southern states to insurrection and revolt” (Doc F). This order ties much into the censorship of North Korea as they also keep their citizens in the dark as to crush any seed of resistance that could be potentially planted. This hampers the individual liberty that was supposed to be
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